Tourists from Australia and Finland robbed in Malate

MANILA, Philippines – Two tourists from different countries were both held up and robbed of their valuables in separate incidents after they were touring the region of Malate this past week.

The first victim, 29-year-old Quang Minh Tran, a Vietnamese-Australian, told authorities that he was talking on his cell phone when a riding-in-tandem couple aboard a black motorcycle grabbed his backpack.

The bag contained 200 Australian dollars, a Go-Pro camera, an iPad and an MX watch, all worth about $2,300.


The Fin was identified at 33-year-old Maura Numi. Shetold police that she was at Remedios Circle in Malate and was checking her map with a friend when she placed her backpack at her feet. Three men then closed in on her, issuing threats before grabbing her bag and running away.

Numi’s bag contained a camera, a laptop, a smartphone and other valuables worth about 1,000 Euros.