Australian facing child sex charges claims he was set up by ex-girlfriend


Australian National Arrested in Camotes Island, Cebu Speaks Up on Charges –

The Australian who was arrested at an internet cafe outside Cebu City has spoken out about his charges.

61-year-old Michael Refalo says he is being framed by an ex-girlfriend after he was arrested on charges of sexually abusing a child and attempting to have sex with another minor.

Refalo declined to elaborate on the charges but says he will file his own charges against those who are framing him.

A judge in Bogo City issued the warrant against Refalo, the same judge also charged him with Republic Act #9208 (the Anti-Trafficking in Persons act of 2003).

Under a report released about the incident, Refalo was put under surveillance after neighbours noticed the girls aged 14 and 18 visiting his house on Bantayan Island, Cebu. 

The Australian allegedly promised the girls money, cell phones and cash for their studies. One alleged victim claims that she was sexually exploited by Refalo several times while the other claimed that he attempted to have sex with her.

The investigation suggests that a total of 14 victims were involved with Refalo, 12 of them minors.