Australian destitute at Manila airport after Thai girlfriend’s family beat him up


Australian National Begging for Money, Roaming NAIA After Thai Girlfriend’s Family Beats Him Up –

An Australian is said to have been roaming the halls of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport for the past month, begging for money from passengers and employees to buy food and water.

46-year-old Michael Morran, said he sold his mobile phone for 300 pesos to buy food and bottled water and has been left abandoned by the Australian Embassy who has refused to help him return to his country.


Morran explained that the embassy’s refusal is based on the idea that his situation is not considered an emergency.

The Australian told reporters that he arrived in Manila in November from Bangkok where he stayed with his Thai girlfriend for over two months.

He originally flew to Bangkok in September with enough money to help his girlfriend undergo plastic surgery.


Morran told reporters: “My girlfriend became pretty after the surgery. But after a couple of weeks her attitude changed.”

Morran claims that after he ran out of money, his girlfriend’s relatives beat him up, prompting him to fly to Manila.

Officials now say that Morran has not been seen at the airport since last week, leaving authorities to believe he got a ride home, or possibly found another girlfriend who’s family will later beat him up once again.

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