Australian child abuser Peter Scully could walk free in light of new evidence

Peter Scully could walk free in the light of new evidence. Photo by Gold Star Daily News.

child abuser Peter Scully may walk free from his crime after the prosecution admitting some horrific news to the courts this past week.

The pieces of evidence crucial in the prosecution of Peter Scully were all destroyed during the massive fire at the Hall of Justice in January of this year.

City prosecutor Fidel Macauyag has denied the charges saying the prosecutor’s case against the national remain strong.

“We have overwhelming evidence still intact. We will not allow any foreigner to bastardize our laws especially those taking advantage of the vulnerability of our poor children,” Macauyag said.

The prosecution says that the claims of the destruction of evidence in the January fire were “misleading” – however when Judge Escobido asked to submit ‘object evidence,’ he all but said “we have none.”

Skully’s computer hardware, memory card, camera, computer monitor, video recorder and chain were all destroyed in the fire that gutted the Hall of Justice in January.

The Judge in the case withdrew his motion due to the revelation, but has ordered Scully’s lawyer to submit an affidavit to answer to the human trafficking charges and child abuse charges set against him.

Peter Scully’s next hearing has been set for the morning of November 10.