Australian arrested on suspicion of murdering 17-year-old girl



Australian National Arrested in Dumaguete For Murder of 17-Year-Old in Dipolog City –

Dumaguete City Police have arrested 42-year-old Ali Ali, an Australian who is wanted for the murder of a 17-year-old girl in Dipolog City last week.


Ali is the subject of a joint police operation by Dumaguete and Dipolog police for the past three days after he allegedly killed the 17-year-old minor whose body was found at a pension house in Dipolog City on Friday.

Ali was arrested at 11.30am near Flores Avenue in Dumaguete after he was recognized by police.

Ali originally denied he was their man but police recognised him even while he sat hiding under a hat. Ali has a bandaged arm and the police now suspect it is due to the the blunt force inflicted on the subject.


A passport in Ali’s possession confirmed their suspicions. His identiy was also backed up by a CCTV surveillance video that the police also had on-hand.

Dipolog police were part of the arrest as they had information on Ali who they said boarded a ferry en route to Dumaguete, the capital city of Negros Oriental.

A prior article by “The Freeman” said the subject as being the minor’s chat mate on Facebook and also had in her possession numerous money transfer slips. Reports from the crime scene also indicate the girl was killed with the suspect’s bare hands.

Police are waiting on an autopsy of the girl and are presently making a full report to the Australian Embassy in Manila regarding the arrest of the Ali. The suspect has been transported to Dipolog City where proper charges will be filed against him.