Australia is latest nation to issue Philippine travel warning

Australia Follows Lead of 3 Nations: Issues Travel Warning for Philippines –

SYDNEY, Australia – The Australian has followed the lead of the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada by issuing a travel warning for the Philippines, citing terrorism, crime and other issues.

Australia has warned its citizens to exercise extreme caution when traveling to the Philippines.

The warning told Aussies to exercise a “high degree of caution” in the Philippines – those warnings came “due to a high threat of a terrorist attack and the high level of crime,” throughout the country.

The warning continued: “Pay close attention to your personal security at all times.”

The original warning issued by the United States was related to possible kidnappings in the regions of Dalaguete and Santander, in southern Cebu, as as the island of Sumilon – all tourist destinations.

The Philippines Army has since dispatched troops along beaches and roads around the areas — a tacit acknowledgement of the threat.

Just before the warning was issued by the , a German couple were kidnapped in the region of Tawi Tawi in Sulu. The female was killed when she reportedly pulled a gun and was shot by the Abu Sayyaf bandits who kidnapped them.

The Australian government said in their warning “an ongoing threat of terrorist attacks and violent crime” may be ongoing within the Philippines.

The warning went on to say:

“There is a very high threat of kidnapping in the southern Philippines, especially at coastal resorts and isolated coastal locations. The threat is highest along the Zamboanga peninsula and in the Sulu Archipelago,” the Australian advisory likewise said, saying that groups based in the Sulu archipelago can carry out attacks around Mindanao, southern Palawan, southern Negros or Siquijor, and even in eastern Malaysia.