Organise Your Priorities At Home With Google Calendar App


Organising is an essential part of management and the Google Calendar app can help you do it better. Whether it is your day, a birthday party, or a business convention, proper segregation of time and resources is crucial for impeccable execution.

But ever-changing daily requirements and general unpredictability are now a part of all our lives. This makes planning the day seem like a Herculean task. Luckily, we now have new-age technology like Google Calendar to help us design our daily schedule.


Google Calendar is an automated tool that lets you create to-do lists, set daily goals, arrange all your calendars, and more. Here is a comprehensive guide to using Google Calendar and availing the full benefits of its features.

Organise Your Priorities At Home With Google Calendar App

Features of Google Calendar App

Google Calendar App comes with a plethora of easy-to-use features. You can make judicious use of them and successfully organise your priorities at home and at work.


Create multiple calendars on Google Calendar app

The app allows you to make different calendars for different things. If you have trouble remembering birthdays, you can dedicate one calendar to birthdays. You can separate your home calendar from your work calendar.

Create To-do lists

The Google Calendar app allows you to create easy to follow to-do lists for the day. You can even set up reminders for specific tasks on the app and keep adding new jobs. As soon as you complete a task, you can remove it from the list.

Devise Hangout Meetings

You can create events on Google hangouts and add email addresses of whoever you want in the event. It allows you to start a spontaneous Google Hangout call with every contact in the event.

Find The Perfect Time For Meetings

Whether it is a long due coffee date with your busy friends or a business meeting with your colleagues, your calendar can find the perfect time to meet.

The ‘suggest time’ feature on the app gives you the date and time when all the members of your guest list will be free. All you have to do is link the profiles of your guests and wait for the feature to work its magic.

Speed Up

When you have little time and back to back meetings, you can enable the ‘speedy meetings’ feature for all your meetings. It cuts the time for 30-minute sessions by five minutes and by ten minutes for all longer meetings.

Attractive Visuals On Google Calendar App

With color-coded schedules, large typographies, and free cards, Google calendar app is one of the most visually pleasing apps out there.

Like most Google tools, the calendar also has a new material design that makes navigating on the app more comfortable and much more fun.

Add Documents, Spreadsheets to your Meetings

Whether it is a beauty catalogue for a girls’ night or an intricate spreadsheet for work, you can directly attach documents to the events you create on the calendar.

The attendees will not have to fish for materials in their inbox anymore. Just select the event box from the calendar view and click on the pencil icon to attach a document to your event.

Go Global

Many of us now work in MNCs and have colleagues and clients from all over the world. Google Calendar can set up a world clock on the app and conveniently schedule meetings with your international clients.

So click the gear icon at the top right of your screen and select the world-clock option. You can now add as many time zones as you want to your calendar view.

Directly mail guests, update location and much more

There is no app like Google calendar when it comes to making plans. And there is nothing like it while changing them either. If you want to tell your guests a piece of information, you can directly mail them through the app.

Or if there is a change in the meeting location, you can update that in the event settings itself.

Organise Your Priorities At Home With Google Calendar App

How To Get The Google Calendar App?

You must have an account on Google if you want to use the calendar app. First set up your Google account if you don’t have one already.

Once your account on Google is set up, you can download the calendar app from Google play store or the app store.

Voila! Now you have all the tools to organise your day like a pro.