The Best Apps For Planning Your Financial Goals

If you want to enjoy your life, you need to have financial goals. These goals will ensure you can afford the things in your life that make you happy. They will also help you feel safe in your present and in your future.

Under the garb of satiating our incessant wants and needs, we are hollowing out our pockets. With more industrialized goods, people’s spending levels have increased. So, your financial goal of monetary security remains unfulfilled.

Many apps have risen to the occasion to become the stairways to reach your financial goals. These apps teach you strategic budgeting to break up from overspending and cut down expenses. We have hand-picked some of the best apps to make it convenient for you.

The Best Apps For Planning Your Financial Goals

Use Mint To Reach Your Financial Goals

Voted one of the best 50 apps by TIME magazine, Mint encompasses all your finances at the behest of your fingers. It’s a totally free app that is available on iOS as well as on Android. This app syncs all your bank accounts and credit cards to track transactions.

Moreover, it curates a budget for you based on your spending patterns to monitor your outgoing money and see what you’re spending on the most. Mint also curates a picture of your long term goals of making a huge purchase and plans it for you.

Suppose you want to buy a house, Mint will automatically tell you how much you can afford to spend on it considering taxes and insurance, according to your income.

Now forget the worries of your monthly bills and let Mint take over. This app amalgamates all your bills in one place and reminds you of upcoming bills for better organization.

Aside from managing your money, Mint also takes the load to formulate savings to ensure your financial security. Mint undergoes a meticulous analysis of many brokerages, credit cards, and saving offers. Then it recommends the best out of the lot according to your goals and lifestyle.


Mvelopes is based on the envelope budgeting technique which separates your cash into envelopes assigned to different expenditure like food, rent, etc. The app is available for iOS as well as Android and comes with a 30-day free trial.

This application syncs to all your financial accounts to track your transactions. Now by setting up envelopes, you can limit overspending and view how much you spend on a particular category. Mvelopes has three levels: basic, plus and complete. The basic plan provides the aforementioned features along with customer support for 6$/month.

Mvelopes Premier, along with providing all basic plan services, extends facilities for those who have complicated finances. For 19$/month, it offers unlimited financial accounts as well as unlimited envelopes for various expenditures. Fill up debt information and Mvelopes premier enables you to choose a personalized debt pay off plan. After selection, the changes are incorporated in your budget as well.

Mvelopes Complete is available for 59$/month and provides all the services of the previous two plans with some major add ons. This plan provides a personal trainer to achieve your financial goals with expert help. This trainer will curse a personalized budget plan according to your financial situation.

You Need A Budget App Tackles Your Financial Goals

‘You need a budget’ is an app available on both iOS and Android which comes with a 30-day free trial for ease of use by its customers. The app costs 11.99$/month which you can cancel anytime.

As the name suggests, this app concocts a budget for you which is unique to your needs. This budget considers your monthly income, your recurring expenditure, and intends to put every penny where it belongs as well as prevent overspending.

This app allows sync between your financial accounts to view all the transactions. Its most prominent feature is an Accountability Partner feature which comes into play in case you overspend. This feature further brings you on track by providing ideas to do so.

The Best Apps For Planning Your Financial Goals

The Bottom Line

Financial freedom and security are the financial goals of many people but many are unable to achieve them in such a fast-paced world. These apps formulate personalized budgets for better results and help you save more bucks.