Cebu police to investigate alleged aswang attack on fighting cocks

A reenactment of an aswang landing on the roof of a house, flanked by dead poultry.

Cebu police have launched an investigation after townspeople in San Fernando claimed their fighting cocks were savaged by an aswang.

Aswangs are mythical flesh eating ghouls that are said to prey on both animals and humans — and in particular pregnant women.


The Cebu Provincial Police Office announced today (Monday, September 3) that it will investigate the killing of at least 15 roosters in the town.

The gamecocks were found dead in Barangay North Poblacion, with witnesses claiming that the innards of the animals had been eaten — apparently the hallmark of an aswang attack.

Senior Superintendent Manuel Abrugena told The Inquirer that he had recently received similar reports from Carcar City, Naga City and other provinces.


“We will conduct an investigation and compare the incidents to identify a pattern among the killings of the livestock,” he said.

He also urged livestock owners to remain calm and await the results of his investigations.

Aswang is not the only monster…

Belief in mythical creatures remains widespread throughout the Philippines, particularly in rural areas.

Last month we reported that villagers in Minanao blamed a sigbin — another nocturnal nasty — for the killing of 21 fighting cocks.

Residents of Kauswagan village in Cagayan de Oro awoke to discover the dead birds with unusual wounds on their necks and backs.

The sigbin is said to resemble a hornless goat or kangaroo, with similarities to the Mexico’s legendary chupacabra. It is believed to walk backwards with its head between its hind legs. Some say it has the ability to become invisible.

Joel Garbo, who was in charge of looking after the chickens, said the attack could have only been done by one of the beasts.

“We suspect that a sigbin did this because the wounds are on the necks and backs,” he said.

In 2015 we reported on another suspected aswang attack in Pasay City. However, a man who thought one of the monsters was on his roof later discovered it was an endangered pangolin.

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