Army reservist gives face mask to ECQ violator


Instead of arresting, a law enforcer gave a to a man walking in F. B. Martinez Avenue without a mask in Barangay Addition Hills, .

Mandaluyong City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office posted said the man was walking in public with no face mask, which is a violation of ECQ rules.


A retired Army reservist assigned to Addition Hills went down from the barangay’s service vehicle and approached the man.

Instead of arresting the man, the Army reservist informed him of his violation and was given a free face mask to wear.

According to Mandaluyong’s Ordinance No. 767 released this April, those who are not wearing face masks in public places will need to pay P5,000 fine and/or be detained for one to two weeks.


The Office of the Bar Confidant (OBC) said that 8,245 were admitted to take the examinations. After the first Sunday on November 3, the number of candidates who took the test was only 7,699. After the second Sunday on November 10, the number went down to 7,691.

Along with other soldiers and police, some members of the Army reserve command were deployed to Addition Hills after some areas of the city were subjected to the heightened community quarantine on April 10 over COVID-19 cases.

On April 28, Addition Hills was one of 3 barangays that recorded the most confirmed cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Mandaluyong City, along with Highway Hills and Mauway with 46 cases.

About six residents besides Addition Hills and Highway Hills have died of the disease, the highest number in the city.

Addition Hills also has the most suspected COVID-19 cases of 148.

Mandaluyong city has 354 confirmed cases, 33 have died, and 62 have recovered.

Meanwhile, the Quezon City local government is investigating the alleged maltreatment of several enforcers to a fish vendor in Barangay South Triangle in the said city.

In a video caught by a concerned citizen, it could be seen that five to six people wearing Task Force Disiplina uniform of QC government were hitting and punching the fish vendor, around 1 pm, Monday, April 27.

However, Councilor Ranulfo Ludovica, head of Quezon City’s Task Force Disiplina, meanwhile said his personnel used reasonable force in apprehending the fish vendor who was caught not having quarantine pass and not wearing a face mask.