Armed men rob mall in Mandaue, 4 suspects killed in police fight

Fifteen armed men robbed a mall in Mandaue, Cebu, on Saturday night. Police killed four suspects after they allegedly tried to flee and fought the authorities who arrested them in a follow-up operation.

According to reports, the gunmen stormed five establishments in the mall, including a jewelry store.

A security guard was injured after one of the suspects hit him in the head.

Based on a police investigation, a guard found the suspects coming from the mall’s basement and riding four to five motorcycles.

Authorities suspect the robbery is planned based on how quick the armed men executed the crime.

In a follow-up operation, Bogo City police arrested four of the suspects while on a motorcycle going to Cataingan, Masbate.

Authorities killed Philip Faburada, Kevin Plaza Andales, and Wilfredo Swerte after they allegedly tried to flee and fought the Bogo City police on their way to the station.

The group’s leader, Glen Gilbert Tairos, was killed in a separate operation.

Five other suspects are now in the custody of authorities.

The armed men stole an estimated P130 million worth of items in the Mandaue mall.

Australian arrested for brutal killing in Cebu

Cebu police arrested an for killing a brutally in Cordova, Cebu, Sunday, October 20.

Authorities arrested the sixty-year-old Reeve Peter, a resident of Cordova Cebu.

A video of Peter went viral in social where he was seen hitting the ’s head with a hammer repeatedly.

Then Peter took the dead dog under his truck and started to crush its body with his truck.

During the Cebu police’s investigation, Peter claimed what he did to the dog was a form of “mercy killing.” He said some children in the area were poisoning the dog.

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