Another illegal Chinese COVID-19 clinic raided in Parañaque


Authorities raided another illegal COVID-19 clinic, which caters to coronavirus-infected Chinese nationals in Multinational Village, Parañaque City, on Saturday.

Local police and city hall personnel discovered the illegal located on the third floor of Morgana Building along Multinational Avenue at around 1 pm.


Police seized medical supplies such as sterile dextrose, stethoscopes, and personal protective equipment from the medical facility.

They also recovered 64 boxes of medicine used to treat cough, flu, COVID-19, and sexually transmitted diseases. The labels of the supplies are all printed in Chinese.

Authorities arrested Cai Yongchun, 51, the alleged caretaker of the clinic who failed to present a business permit.


The suspect would be facing charges of violating the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act, Philippine Pharmacy Act, and the city’s sanitation code against the suspect.

The raid was launched after the residents in the village complained of the illegal Chinese COVID-19 clinic.

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In the first week of June, the National Bureau of Investigation raided an underground hospital for Chinese workers inside a private subdivision in Parañaque.

NBI Task Force Against Illegal Drugs (TFAID) raided a 3-story house also in Multinational Village after an agent posed as a patient during the entrapment operation.

Authorities discovered beds, chairs, a rack of dextrose, and boxes of medicines inside the home.

Only Chinese nationals working in Philippine offshore gaming operators (POGO) are being treated at the makeshift hospital, according to NBI-TFAID head Ross Galicia.

Facility administrators also do not have permission from the Department of Health to provide medicine and treatment, Galicia said.

Residents revealed that the underground hospital used to be a sex den and was also raided last February. They also questioned how the Chinese nationals were able to pass through the subdivision’s security, which has around 7,000 residents and 2,000 houses.

The building construction for Chinese workers in the subdivision also continued despite the mayor’s cease-and-desist order.

On May 29, the Parañaque local government also stopped the unauthorized COVID-19 testing of 200 Chinese in the city.

Mass testing for Chinese nationals was conducted in the garden area of ​​BF Homes Parañaque.