Angkas driver accused of molesting passenger

Police arrested an Angkas driver who allegedly molested a female passenger in Quezon City.

According to the victim under the name Fianne, she came from a session at a friend’s house in Project 6, Quezon City, when she booked Angkas as her hide way in Eastwood.

But instead of immediately driving her home, the suspect drover her around Katipunan and CP Garcia area.

They stopped several times on the darkest parts of the road, and it was there that the driver touched the different parts of the female passenger’s body.

When the victim saw a barangay tanod (guard), she shouted for help, which resulted in the Angkas driver’s arrest. The barangay officials turned over the suspect to the Anonas Police Station.

Police have recommended the suspect be charged with acts of lasciviousness or even rape.

Meanwhile, the Angkas company already suspended the driver accused of molesting a female passenger.

“Given the severity of the accusation, we have temporarily suspended the rider pending results of the official investigation,” Angkas said in a statement Tuesday.

“We are closely coordinating and cooperating with the authorities to ensure this case is quickly resolved. If found guilty, in addition to any criminal sanctions, he will be forever banned from the platform.”

According to TopGear, Angkas is a mobile motorcycle hailing platform designed to “provide access to fast, safe, and affordable motorbike transport.”

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