American wanted for child rape in Virginia arrested while trying to renew passport

An American man wanted for rape in Virginia has been arrested by the Bureau of Immigration (BI).

Jr, aged 53, was detained after he made an appointment with the US Embassy to renew his passport.

Soon afterwards he was picked up by operatives of BI’s fugitive search unit (FSU) on Roxas Boulevard.

BI Commissioner Jaime said his passport had been cancelled by the US government, and that the BI already issued a summary deportation order against him.

“I signed the said warrant pursuant to a summary deportation order that the BI board of commissioners issued against him for being an and undesirable alien,” he explained.

According to Bobby Raquepo, BI-FSU acting head, Lumaban had been hiding in the country for more than three years and that he had an appointment with the to renew his passport when he was arrested.

Mr Raquepo said the fugitive was unaware that his passport was cancelled and that the embassy tipped off the BI-FSU about his appointment.

Lumaban’s name was already placed in the BI blacklist and US federal agents are expected to fetch and escort him back to Virginia to face trial.