American muscle cars rule the strip at Clark Speedway drag race

blue haze
American Muscle Cars Rule the Strip at Clark International Speedway Drag Race Competition –

US Servisman William “Bill” Hand and John Ryzia brought in the City Hot Rod Association to a 1-2 finish at the second leg of the 2015 Philippine Drag Racing Championship Northern Series at Clark International Speedway.

Bill took the “Quick 8” crown with Ryzia placing 2nd place as their V-8 muscle cars overtook the modern-day 6-cyclinders in the races sanctioned by the Automobile Association Philippines.

“Blue Haze”, Bill Hand’s 32′ Ford roadster replica won three years ago and now he adds another 1st place price to his lineup. He gained a crack at the title after beating Jonathan Young of JCT-Blanche Racing in their semifinal duel.

JCT-Blanche top gun Jonathan Tiu experienced engine problems against Ryzia, who sealed an all-American finals with his classic Camaro named “Thunder.”

John Ryzia’s Camaro – “Thunder” at Clark International Speedway –