American fraudster, 81, to be deported after five years hiding in Philippines

American fraudster
An alleged American fraudster has been arrested and is now awaiting .

An alleged American fraudster wanted in the USA has been arrested by the Bureau of Immigration after five years hiding out in the Philippines.

In a statement, Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente said that 81-year-old Harold Leigh Andrews was detained at his condominium in Parañaque City last Wednesday (November 7).


Mr Morente said he ordered Andrew’s arrest under a deportation order issued against him by the Bureau of Immigration (BI) Board of Commissioners last August for overstaying in the country. He is also classified as being an “undesirable alien”, due to being a fugitive from justice in his home country. 

Andrews has been hiding out in the country for more than five years. He has not extended his stay since he arrived in Manila in January 2013.

“We will deport him for being an undesirable, overstaying and undocumented alien,” Mr Morente said. “He no longer holds a valid passport because it was already revoked by the US government.”


BI Intelligence Officer Bobby Raquepo, who heads the Bureau’s Fugitive Search Unit, said that Andrews was the subject of an arrest warrant issued by the grand jury of Baldwin County in Alabama on December 2013.

“We are in close coordination with the US Embassy regarding his case,” said Mr Raquepo. “The US authorities gave us information on his misdeeds. Apart from his immigration violation in the Philippines, he is also wanted in his country where he will stand trial for his crimes.”

Andrews was indicted on multiple counts of fraud before the said grand jury for which reason he fled to the Philippines to avoid arrest and prosecution.

Mr Morente said Andrews has also been blacklisted to prevent him from re-entering the Philippines once deported.

The alleged American fraudster will be sent back to the US as soon as the required clearances for his deportation are secured, he added. 

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