How to Get an American Express Gold Card


If you live the jet-set lifestyle or just love pampering yoursellf, the American Express Gold Card just might be made for you. This card isn’t for the cash-strapped, since they expect you to have an income of 850,000 PHP. They also expect that you’ll spend a lot on the card. To reward you for your spending of at least 300,000 PHP per year, they will waive their annual fee.

Additionally, you get points on every Phillipine peso you spend, and you can covert those points into Asia miles.  But travelling and points isn’t the only reason to get a card. You could have number of reasons for needing a new card. Just remember that there are plenty of card options out there, and one will be right for you. Make sure you get informed before launching into any credit card application.


There is no point in filling out a whole application only to discover that you don’t meet their requirements. There is definitely the right card out there for you, the key is to find it. Our editor have looked into the American Express Gold Card and have come up with some details you need to know. Make sure you read everything below, before you decide whethe or not you should go ahead with the applicaiton proces.

American Express Gold Credit Card
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What are the Benefits of an American Express Gold Credit Card?

Although this card requires more than your average amount of income to qualify, the benefits of the American Express Gold Credit Card are also more than the average. Since this card is accepted by millions of shopping and dining establishments, you can be sure the card can go with you wherever you go.

You won’t have to go through the hassle of purchasing additional travel insurance and other airline offerings anymore, as cardholders are already insured, making each travel you make in the Philippines and abroad worry-free. For those looking for exclusive deals, American Express Gold lets you earn points while you shop for the things you want. These points can also be used to get discounts on major sellers.



American Express Gold Card

Cardholders are also able to get Global Travel Assistance for both local and international travel whenever medical or legal emergencies arise. You also get Travel Accident Protection up to USD 300,000. They will also help you in case you missed a flight, your flight is canceled, and also related issues to your baggage. If you love to shop, you are worry-free, as the card is accepted in millions of establishments around the world.

This card also offers the perks of 10,000 partner boutiques, restaurants, and spas in 75 countries around the world. This offering is part of the Express Selects Program. With this card, you can also earn and redeem air miles, making it a great option for frequent travelers or business people.

American Express Gold features a 24/7 customer hotline that you can call for inquiries anytime and anywhere offering exceptional service and support.

What are the Fees for an American Express Gold Credit Card?

If you want to borrow some cash, you will end up paying a variety of fees. Some of the fees can be avoided if you pay your monthly bill on time, but other fees like the annual one just can’t be avoided. Below is a quick breakdown of the major fees you need to be aware of before you decide to move ahead with American Express Gold.

  • Annual Fee – PHP 3,000 per year (first year free)
  • Finance Interest Charge – 3.25% per month
  • Cash Advance Fee – PHP 500 or 5% of the amount withdrawn
  • Late Payment Fee – 7% of the overdue amount
  • Foreign Exchange Conversion Rate – 2.5% applied to the converted amount

This is a card that expects more from you and also give quite a few benefits in return. If the cards requirements as well as fees sound like something you can handle, you can find out below about how to apply for the American Express Gold Card.


How to Apply for an American Express Gold Credit Card

If the features and benefits of the Gold Card sound good, you should find out if you are eligible. You need to have minimum earnings of PHP 850,000 per annum, you should be 21-70 years old at least. The card requires you to be a Filipino Citizen or a Philippines Resident, and you must have at least one working landline phone.

Additionally, you must present a recent valid ID, and proof of income (e.g. latest bank statement). Interest applicants may visit their nearest BDO bank branch, or you may apply for the card on their American Express website.

How to Contact American Express Gold

Head Office

12 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center,

Mandaluyong, Philippines.

Telephone: (02) 631 8000.

Note: There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Please see the bank’s Terms and Conditions page for more information.