American arrested in Malate for fleeing without paying hotel bill

American National Arrested in Malate, Manila For Fleeing Without Paying Hotel Bill –

An American has been arrested for trying to flee a hotel without paying his bill in Malate, Manila.

30-year-old Adrian Pascal Frazier will be charged with estafa-swindeling after the owner of Pink Manila Hostel located at 2551 Baustista on the corner of San Pedro Street filed a complaint against him.


Police say that Frazier checked into the hotel on August 5, 2014, and paid his hotel bills for the first two months. In October, 2014, however, Frazier began to miss his monthly payments and was allowed to stay on the premises on the premise that he would eventually settle his bill, which now stands at 150,376 pesos.

On March 26 at 1pm the suspect tried to escape the hotel without paying his debts by sneaking out of the place with his personal belongings. The hotel sought the assistance of the police and the suspect was brought to the Manila Police District.