American arrested for forced sex with 16-year-old girl in Bogo City, Cebu

american national
American National Arrested For Sexual Abuse of Minors in Bogo City – Photo Courtesy of Sun Star-

An American has been arrested in Bogo City after he was alleged to have forcefully had sex with a 16-year-old girl.

The allegations stem from an encounter that happened almost a year ago when a ‘recruiter’ convinced the girl to allow 69-year-old Harold Glover to spend time with her and said “he would only touch her, nothing more”.


The young girl told Children’s Legal Bureau that she needed money for school supplies and agreed to the encounter – when Glover forced himself upon her.

Later, she called Grover again and asked for a second encounter. This time she brought along two of her friends (both underage) as well as police and a anti-trafficking enforcers.

The young girl and her two 15-year-old friends were rescued by police in Grover’s rented home in Barangay Taytayan.


Grover will be charged with human trafficking, child pornography and child abuse charges.

Police say Grover’s phone showed various videos of him having sex with minors from the local area – the American national is said to have paid each girl 1,800 pesos, while the recruiter charged 500.

Police believe at least 10 girls are seen in the videos.

Officials are also filing charges against the female recruiter.