American arrested after obstructing police action against four armed robbers

Angeles City map
American National Arrested Along with 4 Armed Men in Robbery of Korean National in Angeles City –

The robbery of a Korean tourist inside a passenger jeepney has ended in the arrest of five people, including an American – who stepped in to question the police’s methods as they held four local suspects.

After robbing the Korean, the four men attempted to make their mistake, not realising police had been watching their every move.

After chasing them down, police arrested the four at gunpoint.

At that point, an American onlooker took issue with the methods police were using, and reportedly tried to prevent the arrests. Onlookers even say he challenged to shoot him as he obstructed their attempts to get the suspects in a police vehicle.

David Christopher Flowers, aged 40, was then arrested for obstruction of justice and brought before the prosecutor’s office to answer to the charges against him.


In all, the four robbery suspects were caught with a Colt .45, one hand grenade, a butterfly knife and a buck knife. Police noted that Flowers was on the jeep when the robbery took place, but for unknown reasons was protecting the four Filipinos involved in the robbery.