American arrested after battered Filipina girlfriend posts photos on Facebook

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American National Arrested After Battered Filipina GF Posts Photos on Facebook in Quezon City –

An American is in hot-water after he was arrested for beating up his live-in girlfriend.

The suspect is identified as 30-year-old Joshua Greenberg, from Mississippi.


Greenberg was arrested by police inside his room at 84 New York Mansion Montreal in Quezon City.

A complaint has now been lodged by his girlfriend but only after her relatives saw her post photos of her bruises on her Facebook account.

Police say the victim sought the assistance of her relatives and friends after the Greenberg beat her up and kept her from leaving the apartment they shared. The partner and her young child were both being held against their will by Greenberg.


When Greenberg prevented the two from exiting the premises, the girl then took photos of her face and other areas where he had hit her.

She then posted the photos to Facebook, catching the attention of her relatives who called the police to report the incident.

Police responded to the apartment immediately, helping the victim and her son to safety.

Police arrested Greenberg and are preparing charges against him.