American and four others dead in Pasay City SM Mall of Asia concert

closeup Pasay City concert
American National and Four Others Dead in Pasay City SM Mall of Asia Concert – (image by Close-up Toothpaste)

Early reports said that four people had died at an overnight concert in the open parking lot of SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City on Sunday.

However a new statement issued this morning now says that five people died, including one American.


The concert, entitled “Forever Summer,” was part of a promotional gig from Close-up toothpaste brand.

One 18-year-old girl was in serious condition but later died at a local hospital – her name is Kim Migawa.

The American citizen was reported earlier as one of the casualties of the concert. Officials said that the four had lost consciousness while attending an overnight concert there.


So far authorities have only said that the deaths are most likely drug related as they believe the group may have been under the influence.

Among the casualties outside of the American, the death toll includes two men, and two women who are all Filipino.

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UPDATE – Sources say that those who died, were found lifeless in different areas, leading several to believe that someone may have laced the drinks or food at the concert party.

A source also named the American as 33-year-old Eric Miller. No other information was available on this update.