American and Filipinos in Scarborough Shoal Independence Day protest

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American National and Filipino Protesters Set Sail to Scarborough Shoal on Independence Day – (image from KALAYAAN ATIN ITO Facebook Page)

An American and a small group of Filipino protesters set sail for Scarborough Shoal on Independence Day in the Philippines.

The group was said to be doing fine until they reached the shoal on Sunday morning using a Filipino style fishing boat.


The group noted they wanted to protest China’s claims against the Scarborough Shoal and a large portion of the South China Sea.

However when they arrived to the region, they were met by the Chinese with two speedboats and three Coast Guard boats who attempted to stop them.

The Group Kalayaan Atin Ito did not sway, and their attempt to raise the Philippine Flag was thwarted continuously as they tried to enter a lagoon to the shoal. Though only two of the five members did manage to get on land, they only were able to raise a flaglet.


By noon the group decided to return home and were officially escorted by Chinese Coast Guard till they reached the edge of the shoal.

The American is part of the international group Sea Access by International Law or ‘SAIL.’

SAIL promotes legal and peaceful resolutions in disputed waters worldwide.

The group originated from Zambales, a 124 nautical mile trek.

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