Manila Gym Goers Enjoy Alternative Workouts Offered by Celebrity Fitness


The gym is the best place to do your workouts, because of the ultra-modern equipment you will find there. This equipment can help you achieve quality gains.

Celebrity Fitness is one gym that has become a common sight in most countries. It is slowly making its way to the Philippines, with a branch already open in Taguig, and there are more to come in downtown Manila. I know many might be skeptical about visiting the gym, but trust me, Celebrity Fitness will motivate you to come out and start working out. The set up in this gym will make you more interested in exercising. They have beautiful lights and a well-decorated interior.


Celebrity Fitness

You will also find a very welcoming staff who will encourage you to keep working out. Celebrity Fitness may even make you feel like an actual celebrity. They have the best member’s lounge where you can enjoy a wide variety of offerings like free internet which makes you feel at home. This state of the art gym has different fitness classes which you need to try out. Let’s have a look at the featured categories by Celebrity Fitness.

Saltar Class

This is one of the workout classes featured in celebrity fitness that involves the use of a mini trampoline. The kind of exercise in this class is about jumping on the mini trampoline with the primary goal being to become fit and glowing. It is a 60-minute exercise, so you are guaranteed quality results. You will burn more calories and also tighten and tone your legs. Doing more of these workouts will help you build your core strength without affecting your joints. You can use legal steroids that will help you achieve quality gains fast. Visit steroids-evolution for the best anabolic steroids.


Fast Fit

This class involves more highly-intensive training exercises meant to keep you fit and glowing. You will be taken through rapid and intense bursts, which target the whole of your body. Fast fit training class is meant to increase muscle endurance, stamina and also burn more calories. You will overcome your bodyweight and other functional training devices and get quality results in the end.

Floating Yoga

This is another featured class by Celebrity Fitness and is a type of yoga is all about hanging on a suspended hammock and raising your exercise as you learn different ways you can reverse while mid-air. This workout is meant to improve your core and blood circulation system. You digestive and breathing system also stand to benefit a lot. You will develop strong muscles from this exercise.

DNA Insanity

This training class by Celebrity Fitness will also help you meet your fitness goals. It involves a 50-minute workout which is of low and medium intensity. DNA insanity is more about dancing, with the primary aim being to improve your fitness level. You will be subjected to some of the hottest dance moves that will help ease off the stress and keep you fit.