Almost 100 pct have been vaccinated with first dose in Manila

The administration of the first dose of the anti-COVID vaccine in Manila is almost complete.

According to the Manila Public Information Office, based on data from the Department of Health (OH) on the population, 92 percent of the residents who can be have been inoculated with the first dose.

About 56% are fully in Manila, based on DOH data. In total, the Manila LGU has already dispensed nearly two million doses.

As of Monday, more than 33,000 doses were reserved at more than 20 vaccination sites, including drive-thru vaccination. But only 9,000 were vaccinated.

According to Dr. Arnold Pangan, Manila City Health Officer, fewer people are going to the vaccinations because many have already been vaccinated. Others are still waiting for the vaccine they want.

He added that all Filipinos, even if they are not from Manila, can get as long as they are registered online and have a QR code.

Today, more than 33,000 doses are again available at vaccination sites.

At Isabelo Delos Reyes Elementary School, the vaccination queue is not long this morning.

Almost 100 pct have been with first dose in Manila

The local government has also continued the no walk-in policy at school vaccination sites but allows walk-in vaccination sites in malls.

Meanwhile, the number of new -19 cases per day will likely reach more than 20,000, the  Research Group said this Sunday.

The group had previously announced that the number of new cases per day could possibly hit 20,000, but now they estimate it could be higher.

“‘Di pa naman siguro natin masasabi na aabot ng 25,000. Pero it’s very possible na hihigit 20,000, by a few thousands,” said Dr. Guido David of OCTA.

(We can’t say yet that it will reach 25,000. But it’s very possible that more than 20,000, by a few thousand.)