Discover All You Need to Know About a Career as an Optometrist

Nowadays, people are almost always exposed to digital devices and that is resulting in a lot of eye strain and more trips to see an optometrist. If you’ve ever thought about getting into the medical field, you may want to think of a career as an optometrist because it appears to be high in demand and increasing in such day by day. 

Of course, the use of digital devices isn’t the only reason people may need to have their eyes checked or need glasses. That can also be related to genetics as well as age. Regardless of what the reason, well-trained optometrists are in need around the globe. 

A profession as an optometrist could see you travelling to poor countries to assist those in need. Or you might be able to help people right in your community. You can start your own clinic or work with other optometrists . Up next we tell you all you need to know about a career as an optometrist. 


Discover All You Need to Know About a Career as an Optometrist

Nature of the Job 

Many people are confused about the differences between optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians. If you want to work in the optometry field, you need to know that these professionals are the primary care providers for the eyes and vision

In short, they are in charge of tests, exams, treatments and prescriptions regarding your vision. They perform eye exams and vision tests to know if you need an eyeglass or contact lens prescription. They can also help detect conditions such as astigmatism and farsightedness.

Moreover, they look for signs of diseases, injuries, and disorders. They are the main provider for low-vision aids and therapies. 

Average Optometrist Salaries

These individuals are eye doctors, which means that they are licensed professionals. With their qualification and services, you can expect to get good rates if you become an optometrist. The average annual pay for these individuals is $111,790

However, you can get a different wage if you work in different industries. For example, those who are in physician’s offices get an average of $120,320 while those in optometrist offices get $116,440. Professionals in government offices earn $96,310.

Optometrist Eligibility

As mentioned, these individuals are doctors, which means that they finished a doctor’s degree. For optometrists, a Doctor of Optometry (OD) diploma is required. This is a 4-year program, which requires a bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite. Some take a 1-year residency for training.

To be able to enter the OD program, you need to pass the Optometry Admissions Test. Aside from educational requirements, you can only practice as an optometrist if you have a license acquired in your state. 

How to Find Optometrist Job Vacancies Near Home

Those who have the eligibility requirements may be looking for a job near them. If you are one of these people, then your bet is to look at popular job sites. Here are some of the most popular platforms to check out.


This website is one of the most widely used platforms for employment-related reviews complete with salary analysis. It shows an overview of the -reviewed companies, as well as job postings. Just use the search filter and select your state or city to see nearby offers.


Known as the number one job site, this platform carries thousands of jobs posted by employers. You can search for the right employment opportunity by entering the title or company you want to work in. You can enter your city or province to find those near you.


This global employment search engine is designed to connect job seekers with employers through a comprehensive search feature. You can enter the title you are after, your experience and your location for optimal results. 

Government Sites & Programs

The US government can help you find a job with its Find a Job page. It is full of resources that can aid in connecting with the right employer for you. It also offers help for apprenticeships, jobs and training for veterans and people with disabilities. 



You have a ton of choices of where you want to work and with who in the optometry field. The above sites can connect you with the right opportunity regardless of what your criteria is. This is a profession that certainly isn’t going anywhere soon.