All foreigners wanting to exit PH given 72 hours; Luzon airports closed by March 20

Department of Transportation said Monday night all foreigners who wished to fly out the Philippines are given 72 hours, after which all Luzon airports from the mainland will be closed by March 20.

“Outbound passengers intending to depart the Philippines from any of the airports in Luzon shall be allowed to travel for a period of 72 hours from the effectivity of the enhanced community quarantine,” it said in released to reporters.

“After the 72-hour window, all airports in Luzon will be closed,” DOTr spokesperson Assistant Secretary Goddes Libiran told reporters.

Filipinos, on the other hand, will no longer be allowed to leave the country after the grace period.

“Ang instruction, no Filipinos shall be allowed to leave the country,” Libiran said.

Moving forward, the DOTr said only Filipino passengers would be allowed entry in Luzon airports, while some foreigners will be exempted, subject to conditions.

“Only Filipino passengers shall be allowed entry,” said Libiran, noting that no Filipinos will be allowed to leave via Luzon airports as well.

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All foreigners wanting to exit PH given 72 hours; Luzon airports closed by March 20

Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles said those who will not be able to secure flights during the 72-hour window would be presumed to have chosen to stay in the Philippines.

“Based on discussion with IATF, those who really want to leave, will really have to leave within 72 hours. They have to make up their minds,” he said.

“Ang iniiwasan po natin ay [What we avoid is they get] involuntarily stranded here. We are giving them 72 hours to fly. We assume that after 72 hours, it is your decision to stay here,” he elaborated.

Meanwhile, inbound flights are only for repatriating Filipinos.

“Inbound passengers in transit upon effectivity of the enhanced community shall be allowed entry subject to applicable quarantine procedures if coming from countries with existing travel restrictions,” the stated.