Airport chief claims he wasn’t “in the loop” about bullet planting scam



Defiance has once again reared its head in a Senate hearing on the ‘tanim-bala’ bullet planting scam.


General manager Jose Honrado continually repeated himself as he was questioned by senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos.

“What did you do about it?” Marcos asked.

“Your honour, I’m not in the loop on the filing of the cases,” Honrado replied.


“What did you do to look into the case? You did not look into the case,” Bong Bong asked again, in reference to the case of Gloria Ortinez, a victim of the scam.

“No, I did not because I’m not in the loop on the filing of the cases…” said Honado.

“It’s sufficient for you to receive a report that certain individuals were found to have bullets, allegedly found to have bullets in the bags? And that’s the end of the matter as far as you’re concerned?” Marcos asked.

Honrado said as far as he was concerned, the Philippine National Police followed due process and it was reported to him.

“If you have no control over the agencies in the airport, what is your job?” asked Marcos.

“Your honor, it’s co-ordination…” pleaded Honrado.

“But how can you co-ordinate if you can’t control?” the senator asked, noting that in the military, there was ‘command and control’. “You can’t coordinate without command and control,” Marcos added.

“Your honour, there is none,” Honrado said, pointing out the “delineation on the legal mandates of every organisation”.

“So  you say that you have no responsibility for any  kind of  problem that comes into the airport?,” Marcos  asked again.

Responding to the senator,  Honrado  said his  main job was to ensure the “smooth flow” of airport operations.