Ai Ai delas Alas’ son Nicolo survives car accident in the US

“MAY HIMALA (THERE IS A MIRACLE)!” This is what Comedy Concert Queen Ai Ai delas Alas said after her son survived the accident yesterday.

The Kapuso comedienne shared on her social media account that her son Sean Nicolo had an accident after falling victim to a hit-and-run in America.

Ai Ai delas Alas posted on Instagram some photos taken at the place where the accident took place. Here you can see Nicolo’s car that was destroyed and fell into the ravine.

The comedian’s gratitude is sky-high because her son was not hurt much and called it a miracle despite what happened.

“Nahulog sa bangin pero sa milagro ng Diyos walang galos ang anak ko,” Ai Ai said while thanking the and other people who immediately responded to the scene of the accident.

“Grabe, Lord, salamat po sa pagliligtas sa anak ko. Walang hanggang pasasalamat,” Ai Ai said in the caption using the hashtag #maymilagroangbuhay.

Meanwhile, the Kapuso actress also posted a screenshot of their child’s conversation in the chat where she was given an update about the X-ray result.

“Bruise lang po sa hips, pero ice lang po katapat,” Nicolo said at the same time, saying that the X-ray was okay.

Ai Ai delas Alas’ son Nicolo survives car accident in the US

Ai Ai delas Alas said in the caption, “Walang galos, pasa lang sa hips. Kotse nahulog sa bangin. I praise and glorify you, Lord God.”

“Salamat sa kabutihan mo at sa milagro ito sa buhay namin. Salamat sa pangalawang buhay ng anak ko,” she added.

Nicolo has lived in America for a long time with his sister Sophia. They are the of comedian former singer Miguel Vera.

Meanwhile, a freak car accident happened to former Kapuso actor Steven Silva in Sacramento, California.

According to Steven’s post on Facebook and Instagram on August 17, he was safe from such an accident.

But the Nissan Rouge SUV he was driving was totally damaged on the ’s side.

It is a miracle that he is alive to tell the story of his “scariest moment”.

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