The African swine fever effects in PH’s hog raising industry

African swine fever effects in PH's hog raising industry
The African swine fever effects in PH’s hog raising industry, some breeders lost almost all of their livelihood. (Image from Yahoo News Phillipines)

A group of businessmen said on Tuesday that some backyard hog raisers in Rizal lost almost all of their livelihood because of African Swine Fever effects in the country.

Authorities slaughtered around 7,400 pigs in Rizal and nearby province Bulacan last week due to ASF.

“Halos buong kabuhayan po nila ang nawala, doon sa mga tinamaan,” National Piggery Movement president Warren Tan said concerning their group members in Rizal.

(They lost almost all of their livelihood, those who were affected.)

“Doon naman po sa mga hindi tinamaan, malaki po, halos kalahati po ng kanilang kabuhayan ang nawala dahil sa higpit. Sobrang higpit po ngayon ng pagta-travel ng buhay na baboy,” Tan added.

(Those who were not affected, they lost almost half of their livelihood because of the strict inspection. They were very strict when it comes to transporting live pigs.)

According to Tan, meat’s price dropped from P100-120 to P80-P90 per kilo.

Hog raisers earn about P10 per kilo in the previous pricing. Tan said that now, they lost P20 per kilo.

Some hid their pigs to avoid authorities’ mass hogs  slaughtering 

Backyard breeder Analyn Bandiola, Antipolo, Rizal resident, lost 11 pigs, four of which were mother pigs about to give birth.

Bandiola said she hid her five remaining pigs so the government will not slaughter it.

“Malakas po iyong baboy namin e saka mula noong bata pa, alagang-alaga po namin iyon,” she explained in an interview with DZMM.

(Our pigs are strong and are well taken care of since they were piglets.)

“Sana po sa mga pangako po ng government, matulungan din po kami na maibalik iyong kinuha nila sa amin,” she added.

(We hope that as the government promised, the could help us bring back what they took from us.)

Agriculture Secretary William Dar said that hog raisers and breeders should cooperate.

The government gives P3,000 cash assistance to those who got their slaughtered due to African Swine Fever. They will also give piglets once the ASF is totally gone.

It is expected that farmers will continue to suffer from African Swine Fever effects especially in the holiday season.