Afghan protester deported for ‘troublemaking’ at APEC summit

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Bureau of Immigration Deports Afghan National for Troublemaking At APEC Summit –

The Bureau of Immigration has deported an Afghan protester for his attempt to create trouble during the APEC Summit.

BI Associate Commissioner Gilber Repizo refused to name the 29-year-old Afghan. He was not included in the original list of eight attendees from Afghanistan who went to the Philippines to attend an agricultural forum in Laguna. 


The foreign national reportedly arrived in the country on November 15.

He was deported from the Philippines yesterday.

The forum’s organisers alerted the Bureau of Immigration when the man said he had to meet with some people near the Mall of Asia on November 18.


When the organisers asked for the Afghan to present an ID card to prove he is in fact an employee of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Agriculture, he only presented his passport.

Organisers then called police who informed the Bureau of Immigration who located the man at a hotel in Makati City.

He was barred from leaving his hotel room until he was deported.

The Bureau of Immigration checked the man’s Facebook page, and decided to deport him based on his postings that he “adheres to the Kalilfa Islamiah and posted on his profile the insignia of the Islamic caliphate state,” said BI.

The Afhan applied for voluntary deportation and was sent back to his country for violating a rule penalising “subscription to terrorist organisation or ideology or professing a belief to the overthrow of an established government”.

BI officials said that the man was not on the list of more than 1,400 suspected terrorists compiled by various international organisations.

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