Advisory issued as Mount Bulusan volcano spews steam and ash


Advisory Posted on Mt. Bulusan Volcano as It Spews Steam and Ash in Sorsogon –

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology posted an advisory on Friday saying that Mount Bulusan Volcano in the Sorsogon Province region of Bicol on the island of Luzon was belching steam and ash.

The activity lasted approximately five minutes and was recorded at 8.09am. The activity was not viewed visually as the mountain was shrouded in heavy clouds.

“At 10.30am, when the crater became visible, strong to moderate, dirty white steaming was observed, reaching 200 metres high and drifting west-northwest coming from the northwest vent of the volcano,” Phivolcs said.

Five other volcanic earthquakes were detected this past week around Bulusan – after the steam and ash explosion those number quickly rose to over 40 volcanic earthquakes.

So far the alert level has been kept at Level Zero, however a warning was issued that no entry into the 4km radius Permanent Danger Zone remains strictly in-force due to the possibilities of sudden and hazardous eruptions.

Civil aviation authorities are also advising pilots to avoid flying over the volcano due to a sudden eruption.

“Furthermore, people living within valleys and along river/stream channels should be vigilant against sediment-laden stream flows and lahars in the event of heavy and prolonged rainfall,” Phivolcs said.