Actress Melissa Mendez faces three-million peso slander charge

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Actress Melissa Faces Slander Charge of 3-Million Peso – photo courtesy of –

Charges of slander are being brought against actress Melissa Mendez for her involvement in the berating of a Taguig City businessman on an airplane last week.

Rey N Pamaran, accompanied by his attorney Raymun Fortun, has filed a charge of slander to the tune of three million pesos in damages against Mendez for punching and berating him.

The complaint stems from a scene on a Cebu Pacific flight bound for Pagadian when Mendez was sitting in someone else’s seat and an argument ensued.

Pamaran remained calm throughout the incident but Mendez punched and berated him numerous times. The flight was diverted back to and offloaded Mendez for her unruly behaviour.

Pamaran is seeking damages of three million pesos – two million for moral damages, 500,000 pesos for nominal damages and 500,000 pesos more for litigation costs.

In an earlier interview, Pamaran said he would not press charges as long as Mendez told the truth – Mendez posted a story and an apology for the incident on Instagram, but Pamaran says it was only half the truth.