Abu Sayyaf threaten to behead Malaysian hostage in Indanan, Sulu


Abu Sayyaf Threaten to Behead Malaysian National Captive in Indanan, Sulu – file photo – www.philippineslifestyle.com

With the release of the Malaysian kidnapping victim last week, the remaining Malaysian captive may lose his life over negotiations that seem to have gone in the wrong direction.

The captive, Bernard Ted Fen, is being held in Indanan, Sulu after he and his wife were taken in a kidnapping in Sabah last May.


The Malaysian government paid 30 million pesos ransom for the release of his wife last week, but now negotiations have turned sour and the Abu Sayyaf group is threatening to cut off the head of Bernard Fen.

An informant said that Aby Sayyaf met in the town of Indanan last Saturday and announced it would behead Fen if their demands were not met by the Malaysian government or Fen’s family.

Fen and his wife, Thien Nyuk Fun, owned the Ocean King Restaurant in Sabah and were kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf  on May 15.


No official comment has been made on the beheading or the ransom demands after receiving reports just a week later on the four kidnapping victims from Samal Island, Davao del Norte.

Abu Sayyaf is demanding 1-billion pesos each for the four kidnapping victims of Holiday Oceanview Marina.

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