Abu Sayyaf releases “final” hostage video before deadline

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Abu Sayyaf Releases “Final” Hostage Video Before June 13 Deadline – www.philippineslifestlye.com

Abu Sayyaf has issued its final video and warning of the three foreign hostages held captive in Sulu.

The video was released on Sunday and is said to be the last warning before the beheading of two foreigners and one Filipino who were kidnapped on Samal Island last September.


In the video, the three hostages plead with incoming President-elect Rodrigo Duterte and their embassies to help them.

The video echoes those previously released by the terrorist group, showing Kjartan Sekkingstad, Robert Hall and Martes Flor pleading for their lives.

The video begins with Flor, who addresses Duterte in her local dialect. The video then goes to Robert Hall who blames his own government for abandoning him and his friend John Risdel, who was beheaded last month.


Robert goes on to describe his and his fellow captive’s fear-filled daily existence, saying: “We live like this every day, go to bed like this. We have a hundred people heavily armed around us all the time that dictate to us and talk to us like children,” he says.

“We’ve been humiliated in every way possible. One of us has already been murdered. We hope that you can work on our behalf as soon as possible to get us out of here – please, the sooner the better. We’re three-quarters dead right now.”

In a sorrowing plea, Robert humbly apologises to his family and friends – thanking them for their efforts to free him and promising to make amends for the ‘mess’ he got them into.

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Abu Sayyaf Releases “Final” Hostage Video Before June 13 Deadline – www.philippineslifestyle.com

Sekkingstand speaks after Robert, appealing to his government as well as the incoming president of the Philippines.

“Please try to help us. Contact this group through June at the Canadian Embassy and try to negotiate with this group,” he says.

“We will be executed on June 13 at three o’clock unless there is an agreement made with this group.”

The Abu Sayyaf demanded 300-million pesos each for ransom to free the hostages. After the looming original deadline of April 25, the group set a new deadline for the life of John Risdel – that deadline was not met.

In the latest video the remaining hostages are seen wearing orange t-shirts, the same as those seen in ISIS videos of kidnapping victims in the Middle East.

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