Kidnapped German woman killed by Abu Sayyaf terrorists

Abu Sayyaf terrorists

TAWI TAWI, Philippines – Abu Sayyaf bandits claim to have killed one of the two German hostages they kidnapped in Tawi Tawi.

The terrorist organisation told The Inquirer: “Unfortunately, the other one died. She tried to shoot us, so we shot her. She died.”

Abu Sayyaf claims it is still holding a 70-year-old German hostage – no word was given on what or where the body of the dead German woman is, or if it would be handed over.

Authorities identified the hostage as 70-year-old Juegen Kantner, he identified his companion only as Sabrina in a conversation with the German Embassy in Manila. 

Kantner said they were taken at gunpoint at Tanjung Pisut in Tawi-Tawi – he told the embassy that took their boat and kidnapped them – they were given access to the German Embassy in Manila for help – most likely to cement a ransom for their release.

Western Mindanao Command said they have no information on the latest kidnapping by Abu Sayyaf bandits.

A police report has surfaced saying there had been a kidnapping at Pegasus Reef, approximately 40 nautical miles away from Taganak Island in Tawi-Tawi.

Indonesian authorities say they were informed of the kidnapping in Pegasus Reef as it involved an Indonesian Navy Skipper, he was kidnapped by suspected Abu Sayyaf bandits on November 5th.

No other word on the kidnapping and killing of the German hostages as of press time. Indonesian authorities confirmed the kidnapping of the Navy Skipper.