Best Benefits of AARP United Healthcare Coverage

As we get older, we all start worrying about health coverage, and one of the places that have offered assistance with this for decades is the AARP. Once you have reached the age of 50, you can sign up for membership and receive a ton of perks from the AARP.

One of the biggest is access to insurance plans through United Healthcare. These plans offered by this mega health care provider offer you many benefits.

So in this article, we will take a look at the best benefits of the AARP UnitedHealthcare plans. So let’s get started, shall we?


What is AARP United Healthcare Coverage?

Medicare kicks in when you are 65 or older and is a federally run health insurance system. Part A will help with any hospital stays, and Part B covers the basic doctor’s services. There is also a Part C which is known as Medicare Advantage.

Anyone can sign up for Medicare Advantage, and AARP offers its plans through a partnership with United Healthcare. There are multiple plans to choose form:

Medicare Advantage (Part C)

This plan has all the basic benefits of the original Medicare with a few extras added on to optimize the plan to its fullest. With this plan, you will also get vision, dental, hearing, and medication coverage. 

There are a few different coverage options within this tier. Each will have a different premium and other co-pay options.

Dual Special Needs

If you have both Medicaid and Medicare, then this plan is designed for you. This plan extends the benefits of the original plans

If you are eligible, you may choose a plan that has absolutely no premium. There are also a few different options in this tier to choose from, so you can customize your plan to your needs.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

This is, as the name suggests, supplement insurance to help add more to the basic plans. With this plan from United Healthcare and AARP, you will have access to more wellness and discount programs as as services to help you live a fuller, healthier life.

This option, like the others, has multiple different plans to choose from so that you will get everything you need and nothing you don’t. 

Prescription Drug (Part D) 

Prescription can be quite expensive, and sometimes basic insurance does not cover it all. That is why this plan is such a great option

The plan can be used in conjunction with the basic Medicare Part A and B or with other supplement plans. By combining these, you will be saving a bigger chunk of change and relieving a bit of the stress.

Who is Eligible?

The biggest requirement for eligibility is that you be a member of AARP. Other than that, the eligibility requirements will vary from state to state as as regarding previous coverage. 

There may be some states that allow you to sign up for Medicare due to extenuating medical issues. So make sure to check with your state and see if you have any eligibility. If not, the other requirement is that you are 65 or older.

Benefits of United Healthcare Coverage

The benefits that you get when opting for coverage through any of the plans above will help save you money and time. Here are some of the biggest benefits you will be able to take advantage of (some of these are dependent on the plan you choose).

  • Annual physical
  • Flu shot
  • Worldwide emergency care
  • Eye exams
  • Ear exams
  • Offers a wide range of plan options
  • Comes with a good reputation
  • Great customer service


As you get older, your health naturally becomes more of a focus, and that means finding a health care plan that works for you. By adding a plan from AARP and United Healthcare, you will be not only saving time but money.

There are multiple options to choose from, and once combined with your primary insurance, you will be better covered for no matter the health issue that may arise. We hope that this information has helped you make your final decision. If you’re interested in signing up for any of these plans, make sure to check out this link.