About 900 unvaccinated cops banned from duty – PNP

Nearly 1,000 personnel of the Philippine National Police (PNP) would be banned from working by the government due to the “continued aversion” to vaccines against COVID-19, something that is said to be a threat to public security.

This was shared by PNP chief Gen. Dionardo Carlos in a speech while explaining the intensification of their efforts to contribute to the fight against the pandemic that has killed thousands of Filipinos since 2020.

“In the coming days, we’re coming up with a memorandum circular to spell out the and the implementation of the ‘no jab, no duty’ policy among our PNP personnel,” said Carlos.

“Directly affected by this policy are some 900 PNP personnel who are yet to offer any reasonable excuse for their continued refusal to be vaccinated despite all the opportunities provided.”

In June 2021, the former PNP chief Guillermo Eleazar, who was replaced by Carlos, said that the police would not make the COVID-19 vaccination mandatory, along with the promise that they would not be punished in connection with it.

About 900 cops banned from duty – PNP

Carlos mentioned the plan for the memorandum in conjunction with the start of the first day of face-to-face classes at 28 elementary and high schools in Metro Manila amid the pandemic, which will deploy some police personnel.

On December 1, the government’s ordinance mandating COVID-19 vaccination of and employees who would be required to work “on-site” took effect as long as there were enough vaccines in their areas.

Meanwhile, the Kilusang Mayo Uno, Commission on Human Rights, and presidential aspirant Ka Leody de Guzman are now opposing such an order, which is said to be almost equivalent to “no vaccine, no policy.” He said that it is still better to pass vaccination through incentives and explanations than to make it mandatory unless it is right on the livelihood and human rights.

“As public servants and officers of the law, it is our responsibility to uphold public welfare at all times and lead by example in fulfilling the citizen’s duty to promote public health and safety,” said Carlos.

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