900 kilos of milkfish from fish kill seized in Dagupan

900 kilos of milkfish from fish kill seized in Dagupan
900 kilos of milkfish from seized in Dagupan City. (Image from ABS-CBN News)

Bantay Dagat and Police seized about 900 kilos of “bangus” or milkfish from a fish kill at Bonuan Catacdang, Dagupan City, Monday night.

Loads of milkfish were placed in a jeep and containers. The fish is said to have come from a fish cage in a village in Sual, Pangasinan.

During a police investigation, police responded to a resident’s report. The milkfish owner was supposed to deliver it to a buyer in Bonuan Catacdang and sell it in Dagupan and Villasis.

However, the owner and his staff were not able to show the necessary documents to the Bantay Dagat.

The Bantay Dagat inspection team made sure the milkfish were from a “fish kill” they were smelly and eyes were already yellow.

According to the Fisheries Code of the Philippines and Ordinance No. 1763-2002, selling dead “bangus” or milkfish was strictly prohibited.

Selling and importing fish without the necessary documents to prove that it has passed the inspection of the local agriculture office is also prohibited.

The owner was charged with a of the Fisheries Code and could be fined up to P2,500.

The City Agriculture Office ensured that they are closely monitoring fish dealers from other towns to ensure that the fish for sale in is safe and clean.

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