9 arrested after using fake ID to get aid in Manila

Nine residents of Brgy. 649 in Baseco, Manila were arrested after being discovered to have used a fake identification card to obtain assistance.

According to Rose Pangan, officer-in-charge (OIC) of the Manila Department of Social Welfare Baseco Satellite Office, they already suspected that a person who presented a fake ID could not answer what his middle name and birthday were.

After the investigation, they also discovered that the IDs of those following the line of the first person to present the fake ID were also fake.

A group was allegedly behind the modus operandi, according to authorities. When the aid worth P4,000 is obtained, P1,000 will go to the one who fell in line while P3,000 will go to the group.

On the other hand, the defense of one of the suspects whose cousin’s name is on the ID shown, said that his cousin only ordered him to take the money because he lives in the province.

According to another arrested, an unnamed group forced him to line up, and he regretted following them when he was arrested.

9 arrested after using fake ID to get aid in Manila

Most of those arrested showed fake IDs of the Manila Royal House and Council of Elders, so according to Sharifa Mastura, Chairperson of the Sultan Kudarat Descendants Organization of the Philippines, they will not allow the modus operandi to continue.

Pangan warned those who plan to get help using fake documents, the verification process of all selected residents will be more stringent.

According to PLT Roberto Medrano Jr., OIC of the Investigation Section of Baseco Police, the suspects will face charges of estafa and falsification of documents.

According to Manila Mayor Moreno, they have already received more than P1.5B in funding from the national government to be allocated for poor families and other vulnerable sectors affected by the ECQ – which has further limited employment in some industries to prevent the spread of .

An estimated 380,000 families in Manila will receive assistance.

It will be recalled that the ECQ was extended by a week or more in the Plus Bubble. That is, people can only go out for essential activities such as working, shopping for food, medicine, going to the hospital, and so on.