77% to 80% of COVID-19 patients in San Lazaro, Lung Center in critical condition

Reports said that around 77% and 80% of the COVID-19 cases at the San Lazaro Hospital and the Lung Center of the Philippines are in critical condition.

“In fact ‘yung census namin kahapon, 77% of our patients are critical in nature, in severity,” Dr. Norberto Francisco, Lung Center of the Philippines spokesperson, said.

“So ngayon kahit ‘yung moderate nililipat na namin sa ibang facility center na kaya nang tumanggap ng moderate,” he added.

The hospital said there still patients waiting to be admitted in their outpatient department, which was turned into an of the emergency room.

“Out of 21 days, 3 days lang ‘yung nakita kong nagkaroon ng kaonting decongestion. But it’s not even decongestion to the point na nagkaroon talaga ng mga vacancies. Puno pa rin ‘yung hospital. Bumaba lang ‘yung overcapacity ng emergency room,” he said.

Francisco fears that it would take more weeks or even months before COVID-19 cases decrease in Metro Manila.

Meanwhile, 80% of the patients in the San Lazaro Hospital are in severe to critical condition.

As of April 19, the NCR is still at moderate risk for COVID-19 beds.

However, the intensive care unit utilization in Metro Manila is already at high risk due to the 84% bed occupancy.

77% to 80% of COVID-19 patients in San Lazaro, Lung Center in critical condition

Meanwhile, the ICU bed utilization in Region 2 and 3 is at at 88% and 87% occupancy, respectively.

COVID-19 patients have also increased at the emergency room in Region 4-A.

“Ang pila pa rin sa ‘yung waitlisted na for admission, ganon pa rin, ang taas pa rin dito sa aming hospital. Alam namin doon sa isa 69 naka-waitlisted, ‘yung iba 30, so hindi halos nagbago eh,” Dr. Jose Rene De Grano, Private Hospital Association of the Philippines, said.

Meanwhile, the said Wednesday that the decrease in COVID-19 cases every Mondays and Tuesdays is only “artificial” as laboratories do not operate and submit reports over the weekend.

According to Health Undersecretary , laboratories usually  and recalibrate their equipment on Sundays “for preventive maintenance, also so that we can maintain the accuracy of our results.”

She added the DOH needs 24 to validate the COVID-19 cases reports submitted by laboratories. This means the numbers forwarded on Sunday would be processed on Monday and released on Tuesday.