75 volcanic earthquakes recorded in Taal Volcano


Phivolcs recorded up to 75 volcanic earthquakes since spewed ashes yesterday.

Taal Volcano earthquake
Image from CNN.com

According to the 8 AM Taal Volcano Bulletin of the Phivolcs, of the 75 quakes, 32 recorded intensities.


Intensity 2 to 5 was recorded in Tagaytay City, Cabuyao, Laguna, Talisay, Alitagagag, Lemery, and Bauan in Batangas.

Magma volcanic eruption was recorded at 2:49 am, and 4:28 am.

The alert level 4 remains in Taal, and according to the Phivolcs, it is still possible to erupt in the next few hours or days.


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What are volcanic earthquakes Taal Volcano

A volcano-tectonic shock is an caused by the movement of magma beneath the surface of the Earth. The movement results in pressure changes where the rock around the magma has experienced stress.

At some point, this stress can cause the rock to break or move. This seismic activity is used by scientists to monitor volcanoes. The earthquakes may also be related to dike intrusion or occur as earthquake swarms.

Volcano tectonic seismicity is a vital tool in being able to predict the eruptions of volcanoes. Seismic activity occurs as a precursor to most large eruptions. We can use tectonic events to predict eruptions in long-dormant volcanoes such as Taal Volcano.

Nearly every recorded volcanic eruption has some form of earthquake activity beneath or near the volcano. Due to the relation between magma movement, earthquakes, and possible eruptions, approximately 200 of the world’s volcanoes are seismically-monitored. The recording of several years of background seismic data has allowed for the classification of volcanic earthquakes.