7-year-old girl tied to a tree and allegedly raped by neighbor

A seven-year-old girl was tied to a small tree and allegedly raped by a 26-year-old neighbor in Calasiao, Pangasinan.

In a report by Claire Lacanilao on GMA Regional TV “Balitang Amianan” on Monday, it was said that based on the victim’s statement to the police, the suspect tied her up in a secluded place where she was raped on Friday.

However, the victim was able to escape and immediately reported the matter to his mother.

According to police, it emerged in the investigation that the victim said she would catch wish along with her brother.

But only the son came home, so the mother was worried and went looking for the daughter.

The victim’s mother did not give a statement to the media.

Investigators at the crime scene found the rope believed to have been used by the suspect in the crime.

The victim’s undergarment was also found in the area.

On medico-legal examination, it appeared that the victim was raped.

The suspect was later arrested, but he denied the allegations against him.

The suspect, who is facing a charge, is now in custody.

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Walk-in policy at vaccination sites in Manila has been restored

Less than a day ago, the Manila local government revoked its no walk-in policy at vaccination sites.

On Monday, they implemented a “no walk-in,” and everyone who wants to get vaccinated must first receive a text message about their schedule.

But this Tuesday, the long queue is back because the walk-in has also returned. Mayor Moreno suddenly ordered that the walk-in policy be resumed after the low turnout on the first day of implementing the new policy.

Manila is just one of the few cities in the National Capital Region that does not have an appointment or schedule system for vaccination. But for the mayor, the walk-in system is more appropriate for the city.

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