600 families lost homes in ‘new year fire’


At least 600 families will face the year 2020 homeless as a “new year fire” hit a residential area in Manila this morning.

About 3:59 a.m. when a fire erupted from a two-story building along the Pasig Line, Sta. Ana, Manila, said a spot report released by the Manila Public Information Office.

New Year Fire 2020
Image from Manila Public Information Office

Two have been confirmed injured in the incident while the damage is estimated to be P2.5-million, according to the Manila Fire District.

The fire hit the fifth alarm around 4:15 am.

Before 7 a.m., the “new year fire” was declared “under control.”


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Philippine Feng Shui: Lucky Colors, Charms for 2020

Did you feel unlucky this 2019? Don’t lose hope because you’ll never know you’d get lucky next year with these lucky colors and charms for 2020.

What are the dominant lucky colors for the year 2020?

White and blue are the lucky colors for the Year of the Rat 2020. According to thechinesezodiac.org, the five elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth) go together with five colors (White, Black, Green, Red, and Brown).

The year 2020 is also known as White Metal Rat Year.

The Rat the first zodiac sign from the Chinese calendar. Its main agent is the Water element, which is represented by the blue color. The Rat is yang and represents the start of a new day. It also symbolizes influence, food, human relationships, and intuition.

Lucky Colors to wear for 2020