6 barangays in Manila subjected to lockdown

The four-day lockdown has already begun in the declared critical zones in Manila due to the high COVID-19 case.

Six barangays were locked down from midnight Wednesday to Saturday.

Among the barangay lockdowns are Barangay 185 in Tondo, Barangay 374 in Sta. Cruz, Barangay 521 in Sampaloc, Barangay 628 in Sta. Mesa, Barangay 675 in Paco and Barangay 847 in Pandacan.

These barangays have consistently recorded more than 10 active cases of COVID-19. It is also noteworthy that most of those who test positive are family-oriented.

In Barangay 521, 12 cases are related and live on the same street, according to chairman Santiago Calizo. The locked-down barangay is under strict surveillance, especially since there are those who test positive and are still quarantined here.

According to Calizo, the family begged not to be taken to the because they had children with them and they were afraid that their condition would worsen if they were included in another COVID-positive.

It is expected that the others in the compound as well as the barangay residents themselves will be subjected to the swab test. A barangay official also tested positive for COVID-19 and was quarantined at his house.

6 barangays in Manila subjected to lockdown

Currently, the bed capacity of quarantine facilities in Manila is at 59%. There are 13 quarantine facilities in the city but three of them are not being used due to repairs.

Of the 10 quarantine facilities in use, six are over 80% occupancy and the bed capacity will not increase to seven. So to prevent the spread of the virus, the residents were again confined to their homes and forbidden to go out first.

In Tondo, four people were arrested for violating the quarantine after being caught drinking next to the railroad. They will undergo swab testing and be subjected to quarantine while awaiting the result.

Meanwhile, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced on Tuesday that minors in Metro Manila would not be allowed to go out for two weeks starting March 17.

Only individuals aged 18 to 65 years old are now allowed to go outside their residences.

The Metro Manila Council is drafting a resolution for stricter measures amid the increasing of COVID-19 cases daily.