57-year-old Filipina widow bashed to death in Adelaide after road rage incident


Myrna Nilsson, aged 57, was bashed to death at her home in the Adelaide suburb of Valley View.

Apparently a road rage incident preceded the home invasion that ended the life of the devoted mother and grandmother.


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Her daughter in law and three grandchildren were also present during the assault. The kids were unharmed but their 27 year old mother was bound and gagged. She was later found by neighborus in the yard of a nearby property.

While South Australian police have yet to capture the perpetrators they do have a strong lead. They are the lookout for a white Holden tray-top four wheel drive utility vehicle and the two tradesmen who were seen driving it.


Police have said that they are treating the death as a murder investigation. The are speculating that Myrna may have been involved in a road rage incident earlier in the evening and then subsequently followed home to her residence in the North Eastern suburbs.

57 year old grandmother of three Myrna Nilsson (Picture Facebook)

Superintendent Guy Buckley of Holden Hill police made a brief statement about the incident. The woman who was tied up has said that it was a home invasion involving two males.

‘The woman is alleging that there was a home invasion with two Caucasian males that left the scene in a white tradie-type vehicle,’ he said.

‘The occupants of the house are a married couple and the deceased person is the mother or grandmother of the husband.’

The hunt for Myrna’s killers continues. Adelaide’s northern suburbs are Australia’s fourth most violent location with assault being a very regular occurrence.