56 people acquire COVID-19 from community pantry

The number of COVID-19 cases from the community pantry organized by former player and now District 3 Councilor Franz Pumaren in Barangay Matandang Balara in Quezon City is now 56.

The partial result of the 2-day mass swabbing in the said barangay where Pumaren provided aid last month has only been released.

In total, 50 came out positive on the COVID-19 RT-PCR test, while six tested positive on the antigen test.

Meanwhile, for the Quezon City Police District (QCPD), city councilor Franz Pumaren-the organizer of the aid distribution-was acquitted of allegations that the distribution did not have proper coordination with the authorities.

According to the QCPD, the authorities who came to the distribution were complete with the police, Task Force Discipline, marshals, and ward leaders.

The Quezon City local government, barangays, and the city epidemiology and disease surveillance office have agreed to tighten the implementation of policies on community pantries and other aid distribution.

Lagoon Street in the same barangay will be locked down this Thursday, where 14 residents tested positive for the virus.

56 people acquire COVID-19 from community pantry

Meanwhile, in another incident in Barangay Matandang Balara where a wedding, dining, drinking, and bible took place, the QC Prosecutors Office is already handling the case filed by Chairman Allan Franza against the newlyweds who continued the mass gathering in their area even though it is said to be forbidden.

The case filed against them was in violation of health protocols.

It will be recalled that 54 people tested positive on consecutive occasions in Area 7 Compound. All patients have been taken to the Hope COVID facility.

For this reason, all organizers of community events are required to notify the Quezon City Department of Public Order and Safety five days before their event so that coordination can be smooth.

President Rodrigo  had earlier ordered the police to arrest the chairpersons of barangays where he said there were violations of health protocol, such as mass gatherings.

As of January 2, the Philippines has a total of 1,240,716 COVID-19 cases. Of this number, 1,167,426 recovered while 21,158 died.

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