5,000 confiscated guns destroyed

PNP Chief Gen Guillermo Eleazar led the demilitarization or destruction of the 5,000 confiscated in various police operations.

According to Eleazar, it is important to destroy weapons that are no longer used to reduce their inventory.

Eleazar accompanied his command group and other officers in destroying the said guns.

Among them are Deputy Chief for Administration Lt Gen. Joselito Vera Cruz; Deputy Chief for Operations Lt Gen. Ephraim Dickson, and Deputy Chief for Directorial Staff Lt. Gen. Dionardo Carlos.

The said weapons were destroyed right in front of the PNP National Headquarters here in Camp Crame.

“Yes tama ‘yung iba ay mga narekober natin. ­Others were turned over, others are issued but beyond economic repair,” said ­Eleazar.

The creation, selling, and smuggling of illegal are among the most common crimes in the Philippines. Filipino-made local guns, built-in secret factories, are sold and circulated not just in the country but also abroad.

Filipino guns have been recorded to be smuggled and used in the United States of America and Japan, mostly in the hands of gangs. Common ones sold are homemade Colt .45s and assault rifles.

Last week, over 912 kilograms of different pieces of drug evidence worth over P1.295 billion were destroyed by Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) in Trece Martires City, Cavite.

The PDEA Laboratory Service report showed the amount of the following illegal that were destroyed:

  • 133,134.40 grams of shabu, with an estimated street value of P905,313,916.00
  • 102,330 ml of liquid shabu worth P208,753,200.00
  • 10.10 grams of toluene worth P1,066.16
  • 504,198.96 grams of marijuana worth P60,503,863.34
  • 3,585.40 grams of cocaine worth P19,002,638.55
  • 4,131.34 grams of MDMA worth P28,319,696.77

5,000 confiscated guns destroyed

  • 209,584.30 grams of pseudoephedrine worth P72,432,334.08
  • 122.48 grams of ephedrine worth P612,400.00
  • 30.26 grams of diazepam worth P2,345.15
  • 65.93 grams of nitrazepam worth P1,401.10
  • 30.23 grams of alprazolam worth P642.39
  • 49.69 grams of methylephedrine worth P79,504.00
  • 4.50 grams of ketamine worth P27,346.50
  • 350 ml of GBL
  • 6,090.50 grams of opium
  • 0.42 grams of methylphenidate
  • 50,000.00 grams of expired medicines

“We want to assure the public that all seized illegal under the custody of PDEA will all be destroyed, thus allaying fears of recycling,” PDEA Director General Wilkins Villanueva said.

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