More than 4,000 rare forest turtles rescued from captivity in Palawan


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Over 4,000 Rare Forest Turtles Rescued From Captivity in Palawan –

A total of 3,831 Palawan Forest Turtles and some 185 other turtles were rescued from horrifying conditions in Palawan.

The turtles were being kept in a warehouse with its own pond but the horrific conditions of their captivity killed at least 90 turtles so far.


The Palawan Forest Turtle is a critically endangered species found only in the northern regions of Palawan.

The rescue is the largest of its kind in the history of wildlife endangerment in the Philippines.

The turtles appeared to have been stored without food and water for almost six months. Animal rescue authorities worked around the clock to help save the animals.


An investigation shows that the turtles were destined for Hong Kong and mainland China, possibly as pets or food sources.

Since the rescue, more than 360 turtles have died, 230 are still being treated. Soon many of the healthy turtles will be released back into the wild.

A caretaker for the warehouse was questioned by police but was not arrested.

Authorities have said that the number of captive turtles nearly doubles those in the wild, creating hope that the rare turtle will not go extinct.

The turtles were transferred by truck to a rescue center for critically endangered Philippine crocodiles in the provincial capital Puerto Princesa, the only location on the island capable of housing such large numbers of rescued animals.

Trapping or trading Palawan Forest Turtles is punishable by jail terms and huge fines.