US soldiers on joint exercise in Philippines have their boots stolen

4 US Soldiers Partisipating in Joint-Exercise at Fort Magsaysay Lose Cash, Boots and Shoes to Thieves –

Four United States servicemen participating in the joint Philippines-US Balikatan 2015 exercises at Fort Magsaysay in Palayan City were robbed of their personal belongings.

Police say the thieves stole cash and numerous personal belongings of Army Lieutenants Patrick Tierney and Thomas Dunne along with Staff Sergeants Scotty Wilson and Dwayne Massey.


The victims belong to a 700-man U.S. contingency participating in the joint war exercises along with 900 Filipino counterparts.

Authorities say the robbery took place on April 9th but the police they have just been informed of the matter last week.

The suspects dug a hole at the perimeter fence to gain access to the ERC building before stealing the servicemen’s cash and belongings.


Among those stolen were Tierney’s military boots, running shoes and  wallet containing his credit cards, driver’s licence and US military ID, Dunne’s pair of sandals, two sets of tennis shoes, a Samsung mobile phone, $150, and P2,000, Wilson’s $2,000, and Massey’s pair of Nike tennis shoes.

All gate guards at Fort Magsaysay were ordered to intensify its security and monitoring of all pedestrians and vehicles coming in and going out of the camp’s gates.